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On my DVR, Hulu, etc? yesterday

Fri, Sep 30 Bubble Guppies "Taste Buddies!"
Fri, Sep 30 Bugs Bunny Builders "Looney Science"
Fri, Sep 30 Floor Is Lava "All Fun and Games"
Fri, Sep 30 Floor Is Lava "Best Frenemies"
Fri, Sep 30 Floor Is Lava "Putting the Lava in Check"
Fri, Sep 30 Floor Is Lava "Cruisers, Bakers and Bubble Makers"
Fri, Sep 30 Floor Is Lava "Child's Play"
Fri, Sep 30 Jimmy Kimmel Live! Guest: Jason Bateman, Action Bronson
Fri, Sep 30 Late Night with Seth Meyers Guest: John Oliver, Quinta Brunson, Courtney Barnett, Craig Reynolds (rerun)
Fri, Sep 30 Los Espookys "Las Ruinas""The Ruins"
Fri, Sep 30 Mystery Science Theater 3000 H. G. Wells' The Shape of Things to Come
Fri, Sep 30 Pokémon "Go and Aceburn! The Place of Beginning!!"Transcription: "Gō to Aceburn! Hajimari no Basho!!" (Japanese: ゴウとエースバーン!はじまりの場所!!)
Fri, Sep 30 Ramy "Harry Potter"
Fri, Sep 30 Ramy "Egyptian Cigarettes"
Fri, Sep 30 Ramy "Limoges"
Fri, Sep 30 Ramy "That's What She Said"
Fri, Sep 30 Ramy "Bad Momma"
Fri, Sep 30 Ramy "American Life Coach"
Fri, Sep 30 Ramy "Second Opinion Doctor"
Fri, Sep 30 Ramy "Merchants in Medina"
Fri, Sep 30 Ramy "A Blanket on the Television"
Fri, Sep 30 Ramy "We Gave It All Up for Hot Dogs"
Fri, Sep 30 Real Time with Bill Maher Guest: Masih Alinejad, Caitlin Flanagan, Van Jones
Fri, Sep 30 Ridiculousness Guest: Brendan Schaub VII
Fri, Sep 30 Ridiculousness Guest: Chanel and Sterling DLXIX
Fri, Sep 30 Ridiculousness Guest: Chanel and Sterling DLXX
Fri, Sep 30 Ridiculousness Guest: Chanel and Sterling DLXXI
Fri, Sep 30 Shark Tank "Episode 2"
Fri, Sep 30 SpongeBob SquarePants "Help Not Wanted""Camp Spirit"
Fri, Sep 30 SpongeBob SquarePants "Hill-Fu""Sun's Out, Fun's Out"
Fri, Sep 30 SpongeBob SquarePants "First and Last Aid""Night of the Living Stench"
Fri, Sep 30 SpongeBob SquarePants "Camp Crossbones""The Jelly Life"
Fri, Sep 30 SpongeBob SquarePants "Lake Crashers""Boo Light Special"
Fri, Sep 30 SpongeBob SquarePants "Painting with Squidward""Kamp Kow"
Fri, Sep 30 The Graham Norton Show Guest: Jamie Lee Curtis, Lydia West, David Tennant, Eric Idle and Robbie Williams
Fri, Sep 30 The Late Late Show with James Corden Guest: Kevin Hart, Alison Brie (rerun)
Fri, Sep 30 The Loud House "The Loud Cloud""You Auto Know Better"
Fri, Sep 30 The Loud House "Flock This Way""Movers and Fakers"
Fri, Sep 30 The Talk Guest: David Alan Grier
Fri, Sep 30 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Guest: Zac Efron, Debbie Harry, Lea Michele
Fri, Sep 30 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Guest: Zac Efron, Debbie Harry
Fri, Sep 30 The View Guest: Star Jones, Mario Cantone
Fri, Sep 30 Transplant "Baggage"

Airing today? Oct 1

Big City Greens "Country Side""Junk Mountain"
Hamster & Gretel "The Nightmarionette""Abuelita's World"
Ninjago "Crystastrophe"
Ninjago "Christofern"
Ninjago "A Lesson in Anger"
Ninjago "Brave But Foolish"
Ninjago "Quittin' Time!"
Ninjago "Return of the Ice Emperor"
Ninjago "Safe Haven"
Ninjago "Compatible"
Ninjago "Distress Calls"
Ninjago "An Issue of Trust"
Ninjago "Dragon Form"
Ninjago "Roots"
Saturday Night Live Guest: Kendrick Lamar

Airing soon? tomorrow

Sun, Oct 2 American Gigolo "Nothing is Real But the Girl"
Sun, Oct 2 Bakugan: Battle Planet "Battle for the Academy"
Sun, Oct 2 Bakugan: Battle Planet "Showdown With the Gate Crushers!"
Sun, Oct 2 Blood & Treasure "Showdown in Hong Kong"
Sun, Oct 2 Bob's Burgers "The Reeky Lake Show"
Sun, Oct 2 Chesapeake Shores "I Get a Kick Out of You"
Sun, Oct 2 East New York "Pilot"
Sun, Oct 2 Family Guy "Bend or Blockbuster"
Sun, Oct 2 Game of Thrones "Driftmark"
Sun, Oct 2 Interview with the Vampire "In Throes of Increasing Wonder..."
Sun, Oct 2 Married at First Sight Guest: Rosie Jones, Larry Dean and Pete Wicks
Sun, Oct 2 Married to Medicine "Going Back, Back to Blue Ridge"
Sun, Oct 2 Power "No Love Lost"
Sun, Oct 2 Raven's Home "The Girl Who Cried Tasha"
Sun, Oct 2 Rick and Morty "Final DeSmithation"
Sun, Oct 2 SEAL Team "Growing Pains"
Sun, Oct 2 The Equalizer "Boom."
Sun, Oct 2 The Great North "Cillian Me Softly Adventure"
Sun, Oct 2 The Rookie "Labor Day"
Sun, Oct 2 The Serpent Queen "A New Era"
Sun, Oct 2 The Simpsons "One Angry Lisa"
Sun, Oct 2 The Villains of Valley View "Havoc-Ween"
Sun, Oct 2 The Walking Dead "Lockdown"

Airing later? next airing of other shows

Mon, Oct 3 9-1-1 "The Devil You Know"
Mon, Oct 3 American Dad! "The Fast and the Spurious"
Mon, Oct 3 Bachelor in Paradise "Week 2: Part One"
Mon, Oct 3 Below Deck Mediterranean "In a Bind"
Mon, Oct 3 Blue's Clues & You! "Blue's Storytime With Camila"
Mon, Oct 3 Bob Hearts Abishola "Americans and Their Dreams"
Mon, Oct 3 Kevin Can F**k Himself "The Problem"
Mon, Oct 3 Late Night with Seth Meyers Guest: Constance Wu
Mon, Oct 3 NCIS "Unearth"
Mon, Oct 3 NCIS: Hawaiʻi "Stolen Valor"
Mon, Oct 3 Quantum Leap "Somebody Up There Likes Ben"
Mon, Oct 3 The Cleaning Lady "El Diablo Que Conoces"
Mon, Oct 3 The Good Doctor "Afterparty"
Mon, Oct 3 The Late Late Show with James Corden Guest: Rosie O'Donnell, Marcus Mumford, Utkarsh Ambudkar
Mon, Oct 3 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Guest: Nancy Pelosi, Armando Iannucci
Mon, Oct 3 The Neighborhood "Welcome to the Ballgame"
Mon, Oct 3 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Guest: Naomi Watts, Jacob Batalon, Justin Thomas, Sam Hunt
Mon, Oct 3 Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go "Tri-and-a-Half-a-lon"
Tue, Oct 4 FBI "Succession"
Tue, Oct 4 FBI: International "Money Is Meaningless"
Tue, Oct 4 La Brea "The Cave"
Tue, Oct 4 Monarch "Not Our First Rodeo"
Tue, Oct 4 New Amsterdam "Big Day"
Tue, Oct 4 Reboot "What We Do in the Shadows"
Tue, Oct 4 The Patient "Kaddish"
Tue, Oct 4 The Resident "One Bullet"
Tue, Oct 4 The Rookie: Feds "Face Off"
Wed, Oct 5 Abbott Elementary "Story Samurai"
Wed, Oct 5 Andor TBA
Wed, Oct 5 Archer "Distraction Action"
Wed, Oct 5 Big Sky "A Brief History of Crime"
Wed, Oct 5 Chicago Fire "Completely Shattered"
Wed, Oct 5 Chicago Med "Winning the Battle, but Still Losing the War"
Wed, Oct 5 Chicago P.D. "A Good Man"
Wed, Oct 5 Chucky "Halloween II"
Wed, Oct 5 Haus of Vicious "Vicious Rise"
Wed, Oct 5 Home Economics "Sushi for Twelve, $482 plus delivery"
Wed, Oct 5 Kung Fu "Shifu"
Wed, Oct 5 Lego Masters "Brickin' Bull Ride Rodeo"
Wed, Oct 5 Roseanne "Driving, Dating and Deceit"
Wed, Oct 5 Stargirl "Frenemies – Chapter Five: The Thief"
Wed, Oct 5 Survivor "I'll Sign The Divorce Papers"
Wed, Oct 5 Tell Me Lies "Castle on a Cloud"
Wed, Oct 5 The Amazing Race "It's All in the Details"
Wed, Oct 5 The Goldbergs "Jenkintown After Dark"
Wed, Oct 5 The Handmaid's Tale "Fairytale"
Wed, Oct 5 The Masked Singer "TV Theme Night"
Wed, Oct 5 The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers "Out of Bounds"
Wed, Oct 5 Welcome to Wrexham "Wins and Losses"
Thu, Oct 6 Alaska Daily "Pilot"
Thu, Oct 6 Atlanta "Work Ethic!"
Thu, Oct 6 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation "The Painted Man"
Thu, Oct 6 Call Me Kat "Call Me Skeeter Juice"
Thu, Oct 6 Ghosts "Alberta's Podcast"
Thu, Oct 6 Grey's Anatomy "Everything Has Changed"
Thu, Oct 6 Hell's Kitchen "Just Wingin' It"
Thu, Oct 6 Law & Order "Vicious Cycle"
Thu, Oct 6 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit "Catch Me if You Can"
Thu, Oct 6 Pantheon "We Are You"
Thu, Oct 6 So Help Me Todd "Co-Pilot"
Thu, Oct 6 Taskmaster "Enormous Hugeness"
Thu, Oct 6 The Good Fight "The End of Ginni"
Thu, Oct 6 Walker "Pilot"
Thu, Oct 6 Young Sheldon "Future Worf and the Margarita of the South Pacific"
Fri, Oct 7 Blue Bloods "Keeping the Faith"
Fri, Oct 7 Fire Country "Pilot"
Fri, Oct 7 Los Espookys "Las Muchas Caras de un Hombre""One Man’s Many Faces"
Fri, Oct 7 Mike Flanagan (filmmaker) "The Final Chapter"
Fri, Oct 7 Real Time with Bill Maher TBA
Fri, Oct 7 Ridiculousness Guest: Latto
Fri, Oct 7 S.W.A.T. "Thai Hard"
Fri, Oct 7 Shark Tank "Episode 3"
Fri, Oct 7 The Graham Norton Show Guest: Lesley Manville, Hugh Bonneville, Lashana Lynch, Big Zuu and Sam Ryder
Fri, Oct 7 Transplant "Hospital Beige"
Fri, Oct 7 Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion "Ultra Friend, Ultra Flake"
Sat, Oct 8 Big City Greens "Farmer Remy""Homeward Hound"
Sat, Oct 8 Chibiverse "The Great Chibi Mix-Up!"
Sat, Oct 8 Hamster & Gretel "U.F. UH-OH! Part I""U.F. UH-OH! Part II"
Sat, Oct 8 Saturday Night Live Guest: Willow
Sun, Oct 9 Let the Right One In "Anything for Blood"
Sun, Oct 9 NCIS: Los Angeles "Game of Drones"
Mon, Oct 10 All American "We Need a Resolution"
Mon, Oct 10 Avenue 5 "No One Wants an Argument about Reality"
Mon, Oct 10 Bubble Guppies "The Kingdom of Sleepwell!"
Tue, Oct 11 The Oval "The Package"
Tue, Oct 11 The Winchesters "Pilot"
Wed, Oct 12 Diggstown "Larissa Crooks"
Thu, Oct 13 That Girl Lay Lay "Freaky Fri-Day-Day"
Thu, Oct 13 The Watcher TBA
Thu, Oct 13 Tyler Perry's Young Dylan "Saturday School"
Fri, Oct 14 Pokémon "Climax! The Night Before the Decisive Battle! Satoshi VS Dande!!"Transcription: "Saikōchō! Kessen Zen'ya Satoshi VS Dande!!" (Japanese: 最高潮!決戦前夜サトシVSダンデ!!)
Fri, Oct 14 SpongeBob SquarePants "Squidferatu"
Fri, Oct 14 Whose Line Is It Anyway? "Jonathan Mangum 12"
Sat, Oct 15 The Owl House "Thanks to Them"
Wed, Oct 19 American Horror Story "Something's Coming"
Thu, Oct 20 Gangs of London "Episode 1"
Fri, Oct 21 From Scratch TBA
Wed, Oct 26 Tales of the Jedi "Life and Death"
Wed, Oct 26 The Mysterious Benedict Society "A Bit of Light Chop"
Fri, Oct 28 Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Mask 3D
Sun, Oct 30 The White Lotus "Ciao"
Thu, Nov 3 Blockbuster TBA
Fri, Nov 4 Manifest "Touch and Go"
Sun, Nov 13 Yellowstone "One Hundred Years is Nothing"
Thu, Nov 17 1899 "The Ship"
Thu, Nov 17 Fleishman Is in Trouble TBA
Sun, Nov 20 The L Word: Generation Q TBA
Tue, Nov 22 Welcome to Chippendales TBA
Wed, Nov 23 Wednesday TBA
Thu, Nov 24 Criminal Minds "Just Getting Started"
Wed, Nov 30 Willow TBA
Wed, Dec 14 National Treasure TBA
Sun, Dec 25 The Witcher: Blood Origin TBA
Fri, Feb 10 You TBA
Sun, Feb 12 Puppy Bowl Puppy Bowl XIX